Monday, April 20, 2009

Coastal Travel and MyDFILive is a scam

Someone told me a long time ago, you will always have your critics and the bigger you become the more critics you will have. However, the most constructive thing you can do is simply answer your critics with brand new success. Last week we had a 3 day Blitz. Below are some of the people who reported having success during our 3 day Blitz. These are only the ones that told us, I wonder how many more are out there having success and not telling anyone?

Stephen Smothers, brand new to the team, just started dialing last Friday. He has 2 brand new people in training in his first week. Participated in the Blitz and works a full time job! Congrats Stephen.

Crystal Weber made her first Premier sale! Congratulations Crystal!

Lorraine Rodman generated $9705 in profit on day 1 of the Blitz!

Mike Cowan broke his personal record for dialing during this blitz!

Jerry and Pam Mercer stepped it up and accomplished twice the number of dials they normally do! Way to go!

Scott Harter is brand new to the business and not only participated in the blitz, but he turned in his numbers and held himself accountable! Way to go!

Cynthia Della Pietro just got started, received her script books on Monday, got leads on Tuesday, participated in the Blitz on Wednesday and closed her VERY first sale!

Jolynn Skarin and Keri Skarin just learned a new skill this week from Dani Johnson’s training and implemented it for the first time. They made a decision to not worry about being perfect, they just focused on results and did an amazing job during this blitz!

Nike Roach and Bonnie Clark presented Coastal to 5500 people at a job fair during the Blitz and as a result have 70 new HOT prospects a piece! Great job exposing your business you 2!!

William Piechocki just finished his boot camp on Tuesday and sent an update to Announcements on his progress! Way to take initiative. A brand new person could just not participate at all, but William is holding himself accountable from DAY 1 in his business!

Lynn Hardy is brand new and participated in the blitz. She has a brand new person getting started as a result of the blitz. She was sick as a dog, but didn’t let ANYTHING stop her! Way to go Lynn!

Jackie O’Quinn made a Platinum sale during this Blitz! (That's $9,705 in profit).

I love this business and thank God everyday for allowing me to do this for a living!

Thanks for reading,
Jackie O'Quinn

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